05. When?

” The best time to start was yesterday and the second best time to start is today ” (Chinese proverb)


All we have said so far is information. They are necessary for understanding the context, but without putting them into practice they have no value for you. Only through practice can we turn them into skills. And through regular repetition into habits. Your habits (patterns of perception and behavior) are what led you to the disease and it will be the habits that will cure you.   Not temporary actions, but long-term habits are decisive!

This is the hardest part of the whole healing process because it requires disciplined action. At this point, most people give up and return to their original patterns of behavior. It’s just more work than just eating a pill 🙂 They have to go against their old bad habits. And they are solid as a rock. Therefore, they cannot be cured.

The ultimate goal is to simplify all the information from this blog as much as possible, to cultivate healing habits, switch them to “autopilot” and then completely forget about the disease. Only in the mentality of health does the real healing begin.


But there is a small problem: “you do not rise to the level of your goals, but falls down to the level of your system” (James Clear). To achieve our goal, we therefore need to create a system.

People usually greatly overestimate what they are able to achieve in the short term and, conversely, underestimate what they are able to achieve in the long run. So let’s focus on one new series of habits each month. As soon as you adopt a new habit, we will keep it “on autopilot” and we will focus on a new, next one. If you already have any of these habits from the past, skip to the next month.

Since you are probably not feeling well now, we will first start working on the physical level of the body (releasing “steam”) and only later will we move into the mental realm (reducing “fire”).

MonthPhysical goalMental goalMore info
1 gathering informationthis blog + Unlocking Lyme book
2detox, sauna, digestion (intermittent fasting), drinking regime  
3herbs – Mr. Buhners CORE protocol   
4sleep, breathing, walking / light stretching  
5anti-inflammatory, healthy, sugar-free dietmeditation 
6nutritional supplementsinformation detox 
7 mindfulness 
8 beliefs 
9 humility (gratitude, authenticity) 
10 faith: (placebo / nocebo, courage, peace) 
11 love: (forgiveness, understanding) 
12socialization, self – realizationlaughter, joy 

(I will gradually add the links to quality sources to the “more info” column) 

Many of these new habits will require the ability to resist the temptation of old bad habits.  Although a strong will is strengthened by regular exercise (like a muscle), it has a limited capacity. Especially when a person feels bad and has no strength or taste for anything. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare an action plan in advance for the moment when the old (unhealthy) temptation occurs.   Without such preparation for a “crisis situation”, any attempt at change will sooner or later fail.

In addition to the book Atomic Habits (James Clear) , which offers techniques for building good habits, I found an excellent lecture by Mr. Al Switzler called  Change anything! Use skillpower over willpower   . In this video, in less than 20 minutes, Mr. Al Switzler will explain in an instructive and entertaining way an extremely valuable life lesson on how to approach change. Try, it’s worth it! 🙂

You will learn that if you want to change something, a strong will is not enough. You can only control your behavior when you get control of the things that control you. The goal is to control your environment. For example, instead of resisting the temptation of dessert in the refrigerator, make sure it is not there at all. Or brush your teeth at 5 pm and thus prevent having evening sweet tooth…


In this blog, we learned that most chronic diseases arise and disappear gradually. The course of the disease is determined primarily by the state of the internal environment (eg immunity).

This environment has the ability to self-healing, unless it is exposed to chronic stress, which arises from strong emotions such as fear, anger, grief, lust and addiction. The real cause of these emotions lies in the separation from the whole (unity), the false identity (ego), lack of love… Well, and their basic cause is the negative reaction to trauma.

We called the system of causes “fire” and the consequences “boiler” , where “steam pressure” determines the intensity of symptoms. The goal is to reduce “fire” while releasing “steam” so that we are healthy – without symptoms. We have mentioned several techniques for reducing “fire”, such as “retuning” attention and beliefs from “toxic” to beneficial. For the purposes of “steam release”, we focused on the most important factors influencing the course of chronic “lyme disease” and these are immunity, infections, inflammation + detox.

As the statistically most effective alternative to synthetic antibiotics, we mentioned herbal treatment (e.g. Mr. Buhner’s protocol), before which it is appropriate to put your digestion in order. We also pointed out that it is not good to “try everything” by trial and error. In order to put all this knowledge into practice, we have prepared a 12-month program, which aims to simplify things, automate (develop habits) and then forget about the mentality of ilness.

13 principles how to properly use herbs for chronic “LYME DISEASE”

free e-book


There is no incurable disease, only an incurable patient.

Dr. John Christopher / Dr. Bernie Siegel

The recommendations in this blog are strategic, long-term and holistic. It will change not only your health for the better, but also you and your reality. Not everyone understands, not everyone agrees… Not everyone will utilize it. That is why so many remain uncured… All the knowledge written in this blog is important to do, especially preventively – in moments when you feel a little better in health and therefore you have the power to “ride new rails”. I completely understand that when a person is in pain, he has no taste and strength for anything at all. Then he would just want a miracle pill for immediate relief. That’s why “pills” are so popular.

I recommend reading the blog regularly , because you will always find something new in it that will suddenly fit into your newly built beliefs and skills. If this blog resonates with you, the first period after reading it will arouse hope and euphoria in you. Be prepared, however, that then will come again sobriety, skepticism, the urge to return to the original thought patterns. Especially when your health gets worse. Have patience. Don’t expect big leaps first, rather stable microsteps. Every single step for the better opens up a new dimension of healing. Only after reaching the breaking point will it begin to improve significantly. Keep that in mind.

A very important thing – when you start to get better, don’t forget about these principles. This is very important because then you will feel that you are already healthy and that you no longer need treatment. You will tend to return to the “old ways” to old habits towards disease. 

So now go ahead! Every new journey begins with the first step. It doesn’t have to be big one, but it’s necessary. The best time to start was yesterday and the second best time to start is today 🙂

News! – update after 11 months

I received hundreds of positive responses to this blog, for which I would like to thank you very much. A large number of e-mail and telephone consultations followed, where I tried to help everyone selflessly within my means. The most common question was the right choice of quality suppliers of herbal products and their dosage.

However, as I am overwhelmed for a long time, I unfortunately did not have time to reply to everyone. Therefore, instead of an individual approach, I started looking for a system solution.

The result is the launch of a small e-shop for the natural treatment of chronic Lyme disease – Onlyx.com, where, after months of honest work, we managed to find truly serious suppliers of materials and products.  As long as we really care about the quality, finding reliable products was probably the most difficult task for us.

At the same time, other people with professional experience (eg professor of pharmacy) joined us, willing to help with counseling.

If you are interested, write me briefly an email which of the infections (eg borrelia, bartonella, babesia, chlamydia, mycoplasma, anaplasma) currently affect you and I’ll make you a list of the most suitable herbs together with an approximate dosage.

At the same time, please apologize if, due to time constraints, I can’t reply for larger emails. I have tried to summarize all my knowledge in this blog and I will keep trying to update it.

Thank you for your understanding and I keep my fingers crossed on your road to health.


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Tom Jambor


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