04. Who?

“Hello doctor, I’m here, I’ll give you the money and heal me!” With this attitude, I started my treatment in 2016. Only after several years of therapeutic stagnation and suffering did I realize how very naive, irresponsible, even ignorant, my attitude was. It is, unfortunately, a standard thought construct of the society in which I live, where it is customary to delegate responsibility for important life matters to other authorities – politicians, financiers, employers, doctors… 

“Lyme disease” is not a purely medical matter and its origin, as well as its consequences, must be seen in a broader context. Delegating a solution to a doctor only is a very limiting attitude. It only started to improve when I took full responsibility for the development of my illness and also for healing.

A doctor is an important consultant and mentor on the way to recovery, but due to their tremendous workload, they will normally spend a small fraction of your time with you. The rest of the time you take yourself. Then you are responsible for the treatment. So it’s good to know “what to do”.

Therefore, I recommend studying at least one professional book on the topic of “lyme disease”. Of the dozens of books I have read on this topic, I personally recommend the book by Dr. Bill Rawls named Unlocking Lyme   . You can also find it on Amazon in the electronic version. He is an American doctor who has experienced “lyme disease” himself. In a book in a very understandable form (without scaring you), he describes all the basic principles and practical advice in the field of treatment.

However, don’t overstudy it! I recommend reading this book and then educating only sporadically in the issue of “lyme disease” so that you do not fall into the information desire trap and deepen the subconscious mentality of the disease (as it happened to me). Remember that what you pay attention to, you strengthen.   

Never believe a negative prognosis

Sean Stephenson

13 principles how to properly use herbs for chronic “LYME DISEASE”

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Teachers, mentors

On my journey of healing, I met many new teachers and mentors who, with their wisdom in life, helped me to understand things better. Despite the fact that I have not even met most of them in person, with their published works they have significantly contributed to the improvement of the quality of my health, life and thus also my surroundings. That is why I want to thank them very much for everything. If you are looking for new sources of information, here are a few suggestions for inspiration:

Mr. Stephen Harrod Buhner, Dr. William Rawls, Dr. Gabor Maté, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Dr. Valerij Sinelnikov, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Richard Horowitz, Dr. Jay Davidson, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. Igor Bukovsky, Dr. Jarmila Klimova, Dr. Ján Šula, Mr. Jaroslav Dusek, Mr. James Clear

… I also thank my personal doctors and many other people, whom I cannot name for the shortness of the page 🙂