Are you still spinning in an endless circle of health complications and you don’t know how to get out of it? I have good news for you! I bring you information on how to significantly contribute to the cure of chronic “lyme disease” *, as I did. I bring you an extract of thousands of hours of my study and experience, wrapped in 20 minutes of reading that will change your life forever!

You can choose: either sit down and invest these few thousand hours in books, seminars, studies and then try to cure yourself by trial and error, or read this blog carefully and start the direct path to health. These 20 minutes can turn into the best time investment of your life!

I wish I had that opportunity when I started treatment. I wouldn’t make so many fatal mistakes that cost me years of life, suffering, and an incredible amount of money. But you can avoid this! So read carefully… 

Only a fool keeps doing the same thing all the time and expects a different result from it

A. Einstein

In this blog you will learn, among other things:

  • how typically does the disease arise and how does it disappear?
  • how do your beliefs affect treatment?
  • how to heal and not get sick again?
  • what is the biggest obstacle to treatment?
  • why doesn’t a classic doctor always help you?
  • how can herbs help you treat and how to use them?
  • why less is more?
  • why are small habits more important than one-off activities?
  • why is knowledge not a skill?
  • why can’t most people be cured?

* – the term “lyme disease” is inaccurate. That’s why I put it in quotes. In fact, it is more a Multi-System Infectious Disease Syndrome (MSIDS). There are usually more pathogens at play than just Borrelia bacteria (such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa, etc.). The problem is thus multiplied.

My story

my first symptoms of “lyme disease” started around 2016 and since then I have gone through almost every typical symptom, such as a headaches, dizziness, stiff neck, impaired vision, wheezing in the ears, broken digestion, rapid weight loss, sweating, great fatigue… 

However, the symptom that limited me the most was brain fog, derealization, inability to mental activity. Since I work in the field of IT, it has significantly affected my professional and thus economic situation. Not to mention other spheres of life such as socialization, partnership, family, self-development, simply collapse at all levels 🙂

It was my first serious illness, so in complete ignorance I turned to the usual doctors, who loaded me into common antibiotics with the message that everything was OK. Was not. Since then, I have visited dozens of different other domestic and foreign doctors, therapists, mentors, coaches….

I have read almost every professional book, hundreds of articles, podcasts, blogs, video presentations. I did not only follow the topic of “lyme disease”, but also related topics of treatment, such as heroic / allopathic medicine, nutrition, psychology, spirituality, herbalism, ayurveda, biohacking… I have tried almost everything from synt. antibiotics, through herbs, colloidal silver, cbd, essential oils, ozone therapy, oxygen therapy, acupuncture, bioresonance, plasma, MMS, detox, nutritional supplements of all kinds and much more. 

With my doctors and mentors, I went through classical medicine to alternative approaches such as NLP, quantum formation, hypnosis, the journey therapy, mindfulness meditation, chi-kung, calligraphic yoga, Wim Hof….  Honestly, a person would easily bathe in manure if he knew it would cure him. But you will probably recognize this feeling 🙂

It took me almost 4 years to find the right solution and start the journey towards health. If I had known from a young age what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have gotten sick at all. If I had known at the time of the onset of the first symptoms of “lyme disease”, it would have taken me about a year to get completely healthy.

Today I feel healthy and satisfied. I work again, play sports, have energy, study and enjoy the family and our little daughter. Yes, sometimes I also have moments when my health is “reminded”, but most of the time it’s just minor issues, and only when I break the principles written in this blog. The theory needs to be applied in practice as well, and believe me, I still have a lot to work on 🙂

13 principles how to properly use herbs for chronic “LYME DISEASE”

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however, to maintain objectivity, I will not describe my personal (subjective) story in depth. I will base my observations more on the results of research, statistics, opinions and experiences of experts who treat thousands of patients and therefore their informative value is more objective.

Before you box me up as an esoteric fool, I want to tell you that I am a very rational and pragmatic person. I am also aware of the importance of critical thinking , so because of the pursuit of objectivity, I am always used to looking for a counter-opinion to each piece of information. 

I deeply and honestly search all the information down to the level of personal details of the author. So I give much less weight to tabloid copy-paste information and personal opinions of lay individuals (eg in forums) than to non-commercial content in professional publications and books with a transparently known and professionally recognized author.